Revontuli-huivi (original pattern)
Printable pdf with charts is here

Revontuli means Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Finnish

Please let me know if you knit this shawl, I love to see a picture of it. You can leave me a comment at the end of this pattern -kommentoi means leave a comment. Fill your name (nimesi) and adress (kotisivusi osoite), where I can see picture of finished shawl. Thank you.

You need to pick up Chart 1,2 and 3 from original pattern
Yarn: 180g Aade Lõng 100% wool, [100g=400m 8/2 (125 tex*2)]
You can also use Evilla'r or Kauni's yarns

Needles: 5.5mm

On the Charts are only right side rows.  On the wrong side: knit first and last 2 sts,  purl all other stiches,

NOTES: knit WS rows 137, 139 and 141. They are shown black line in chart 3.

On the 1 Chart is half of the shawl, so repeat chart sts after center stitch..
Repeat charts 2 and 3  8 times on every row.
x        knit                                  
grey   center stich, purl                                  
―        purl                                  
Y        M1 (a right-leaning increase)                                   
V        M1 ( a left-leaning increase)                                  
^        sl 1 as if to knit, k2tog, pass slipped st over                                  
O        yo                                  
 \     ssk                                  
/        k2tog                                 


Cast on 5 stitches. Knit first row (WS).

Work rows 2-25 of Chart 1 = 51sts. On the 1 Chart is shown half of shawl= knit 2 bordes stitches, chart 1, knit center sticht (shown grey on the left), repeat chart 1 and knit 2 border stitches.

Work rows 26-103 of Chart 2. Row 26 work as follows: knit 2 sts (border stiches), *knit chart 2, purl 1 (center stich)t* 7 times total, knit Chart 2, knit 2 sts (border sts). So, on every row, repeat chart 2 a total of 8 times."

Work rows 104-143 of Chart 3 (like chart 2, there are 8 repeats of Chart 3, border stiches and center stiches between charts)

Bind off sts on the row 143. Soak shawl at least 30 minutes. Block shawl.